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  • ​That’s also the guiding principle behind our philosophy
    ​"​Human beings share
    the same common problems.
    A film can only be understood
    if it depicts these properly.


Roaming Rickshaw Films (RRF) is an independent film financing company comprising a group of passionate and experienced media and finance professionals with a Dubai-based fund.
RRF is currently producing an international film project “Tiger Heart” in Hollywood and a TV-series “The End of Karma,” among a mixed slate of other projects in development by their production company - NY Studios (NYS).
With its roots in India, office in Dubai, and headquarters in Los Angeles, RRF creates its unique space in the international film arena capitalizing on two of the world’s biggest film markets, that of Hollywood and Bollywood.
The world is getting smaller by the day, thanks to digital entertainment, and RRF is pushing the envelope in creating cutting edge stories that will appeal to audiences globally.

Roaming Rickshaw Films is an independent film studio that develops, produces and distributes film and digital content for a global audience, specializing in bringing two of the biggest and most influential entertainment industries of the world together - that of India and Hollywood.

Amit Sarin
Chief Executive Officer(CEO)
Amit's long and respected association to the Indian television industry, combined with a business background in real estate has given him a dynamic experience to spearhead the business affairs at RRF, where he also oversees the company’s day to day operations. Alongside his successful acting career, Amit had ventured into his family’s real estate business in Varanasi, India, where he owns and runs a chain of heritage hotels. Amit’s strong business acumen and intuition help guide him into expanding the entertainment fund across the media spectrum.
Some of Amit’s most noteworthy performances are from the series “Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi,” “Kkusum,” “Doli Saja Ke,” and “Pavitra Rishta,” among many others produced by Balaji Telefilms.

Vineesha Arora Sarin
Chief Creative Officer(CCO)
Vineesha is the main creative force behind RRF and holds an esteemed vision of merging together the talent pool and stories of two of the biggest film industries in the world. She has been working in the India media industry since 2003, wearing different hats both off and on camera, garnering experience in production, design and event management. Mainly a writer and director, Vineesha writes most of the content that the company finances. One such project is “The End of Karma,” a character-driven crime drama set in Rome for a limited television series.
Vineesha’s currently developing a one-of-a-kind chat show for a global audience and a super-heroine motion picture based on a Hindu goddess, among others.

Together, the duo have produced short films, ad campaigns and prestigious international events under their production company, NY Studios. Their foray into film financing began in 2012 when Amit and Vineesha started an entertainment fund with a diverse group of people from Dubai and Mumbai from the world of investment banking, finance and business. They relocated to Los Angeles in the Fall of 2018, where they are currently producing “Tiger Heart,” a full-length motion picture to be directed by veteran filmmaker Dwight H. Little, “The End of Karma,” a television series written by Vineesha, among other exciting projects.
At the foothills of the Himalayas - the hunter is hunted. The majestic Bengal tiger is poached to near extinction. An Indian/American team must join forces behind one resolute man to eradicate a smuggling cartel and save the lives of the endangered.
To save the Bengal tiger, renowned animal activist, Daniel Tate, embarks on mission to the Himalayas with local and international allies. Here he battles with mercenary forces of an Asian smuggling cartel; but his internal struggle to embrace friendship and love proves to be the greater challenge.
Accomplished Director Dwight H. Little has been signed on for the feature film - Tiger Heart.
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In Production
Production Set to Begin this spring of 2020 in India
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