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  • ​That’s also the guiding principle behind our philosophy
    ​"​Human beings share
    the same common problems.
    A film can only be understood
    if it depicts these properly.
  • A powerful, yet seemingly effortless perspective
    ​"​May the force be with you
  • Our defining mantra
    ​ ​"Louis, I think this is the beginning
    of a beautiful friendship
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    ​​"Hum uss desh ke vasi hai ...
    jis desh mein Ganga behti hai


Roaming Rickshaw Films is an end-to-end full service production and distribution house, associated to NY Studios which traces its roots to 2005, when it was first established by founders Vineesha Arora Sarin and Amit Sarin.
The dynamic duo went on to make NY Studios a multi-faceted production company, and found success in all sorts of productions - ranging from international concerts and events, to ads and short films, and even film marketing.
The studio is currently in the midst of producing a diversified slate of novel film and digital content, including an episodic, path-breaking crime drama series set in Rome titled “The End of Karma," a feature film venture - "Tiger Heart” set in India, made for a wide global audience on the subject of tiger poaching, and several more in the pipeline.

What we do
Roaming Rickshaw Films is an independent film studio that develops, produces and distributes film and digital content for a global audience, specializing in bringing two of the biggest and most influential entertainment industries of the world together - that of India and Hollywood.

Roaming Rickshaw Films aims to be a leading film and digital entertainment studio, making stories that are meaningful, inspirational and socially relevant.

Vineesha has been working in the Indian media industry since 2000. Co-founder of NY Studios and a strong supporter of social injustices upon children and women, mainly that of child abuse, Vineesha is as multi-faceted as the vision she holds for her film company. From making her acting debut with an Indian feature film “Supari” (2003), to starring in various plays in Mumbai, Vineesha has spread her creative wings through different mediums of entertainment.
She wrote and directed her first experimental short film “The Right World” (2005) which premiered in NYC and was widely shown in international film festivals. Under the NY Studios banner, Vineesha has also directed print ad campaigns in locations all around the world, the first of which was shot in Cape Town for a youthful diamond jewelry brand in 2009.
In addition to shorts and ads, Vineesha has carried out novel international events and concerts, highlighting a grand 50-member crew event “Heartthrobs” (2009) from India to the prestigious Rogers Center, Toronto, showcasing eleven top Indian television celebrities for the first time ever in a Bollywood-style ticketed concert, a feat nobody had achieved with television actors overseas.
Vineesha’s passion project, “The End of Karma,” which she had written several years ago, is what drove her to make the big move to Los Angeles, where along with her husband, Amit Sarin, she’s producing a mixed slate of projects for film, television and digital platforms.
She is currently working on her first feature film endeavor, “Tiger Heart” set to roll in the Fall of 2019.

Vineesha Arora Sarin

Born in Varanasi, graduated with an engineering degree from Manipal Institute of Technology, destined to become an actor, Amit Sarin always had stars in his eyes, throughout his late teens. With a burning passion to make it big in the Indian film/ television industry, Amit’s persistence
got him his first big break in Balaji Telefilms’ popular television series “Kkusum” (2006), in which he also won his first Best Actor in a drama series, organized by Sony TV and Balaji Telefilms.
His growing fan-base and “chocolate boy charm” landed him yet another, path-breaking television series “Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi,” which changed the face of Indian television forever! The show is still talked about as an iconic, longest-running show, with a loyal viewership that is unheard of in today’s times. Amit played one of the key characters of “Saahil” on the show.
There was no stopping Amit’s dream run on television with lead roles in several hit series thereafter, such as “Dole Saja Ke,” “Pavitra Rishta,” “Rishon Ki For,” and many more.
Reality television in India had just begun to surface then, and Amit was chosen to be part of India’s first celebrity singing competition - Fame Gurukul - where he also emerged as the winner!
He was also contestant and second place winner in the celebrity round of Fear Factor, and also a contestant in the Shah Rukh Khan-hosted reality game show of the spin-off Wipeout, called “Zor Ka Jhatka.”
Alongside a successful television career, Amit also co-runs a production company, NY Studios, with his wife Vineesha Arora Sarin. Amit is making his foray into feature film production with his first endeavor, “Tiger Heart,” which is produced by Roaming Rickshaw Films.

Amit Sarin

At the foothills of the Himalayas - the hunter is hunted. The majestic Bengal tiger is poached to near extinction. An Indian/American team must join forces behind one resolute man to eradicate a smuggling cartel and save the lives of the endangered.
To save the Bengal tiger, renowned animal activist, Daniel Tate, embarks on mission to the Himalayas with local and international allies. Here he battles with mercenary forces of an Asian smuggling cartel; but his internal struggle to embrace friendship and love proves to be the greater challenge.
Accomplished Director Dwight H. Little has been signed on for the feature film - Tiger Heart.
Some image

Indian filmmakers seeking to unite the fight against poaching and illegal wildlife trade take their fight to the streets of Mumbai...

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