We’re totally serious about this.

This adventure in India involves a limited quantity danger, much of which is centered around being in a vehicle that doesn’t fare well in crash-test ratings. Fortunately its low top speed ensures that you’re unlikely to get into any major crashes and our team of experts will instruct you in safe operation of the vehicle as well as giving you tips on what to look out for on the road ahead.

Your own choices will directly affect the level of danger to which you are exposed and whilst we encourage the eccentric, we do not approve of the foolish and the only instances involving minor accidents that the event has seen over the last ten years were entirely the fault of entrants not obeying our rules or local laws. Sensible rallying will keep you as safe as you wish to be in India.

It should also be noted that, as with any other foreign country, India has its own traditions and customs as well as different concepts of what is acceptable behavior both on and off the road. Entrants are requested to be aware and respectful of their hosts as we race through their home.


Mumbai Xpress

Deccan Odyssey

Malabar Rampage

Classic Run

Tamilnadu Run