Trip Features

When you book a trip it’s always nice to get a few added features.

We don’t put chocolates on your pillow but what we do offer is a practical list of inclusive features that from experience we know you’ll use and be mighty thankful for! These aren’t token gestures but things that make a real difference when you are on the road and well outside of your normal comfort zone.

Apologies if you are disappointed that there is no complimentary robe and slippers. If that’s the case you are in the wrong place. Serious adventurers only need apply…

  • Hotel PackagesWe offer as much flexibility as possible so if you want to sleep under the stars that is entirely up to you. At the end of a hard day on the road however you might just appreciate being able to roll straight in to a hotel with to relax with a cold beer by the pool. Sound tempting? In that case you might wish to consider our hotel package offer. There are several benefits to this. Firstly you have the certainty of a bed and secondly we have used our contacts and purchasing power to negotiate great rates. What better way to unwind in the evening than to swap stories with your fellow participants over some food and drink and maybe a bit of partying! Standards of accommodation do vary but we try and aim for at least 3* which in Indian terms means that water should come out of the taps and there should be a ceiling in your room.
  • Luggage TruckUnless you want your rickshaw to be overflowing like a skip you’ll bow to the mighty luggage truck! Each morning participants can load up all their belongings and have them chauffeured to the next destination. That leaves you free to carry all your essentials aboard the rickshaw like water, sunscreen, cameras, and of course fancy dress! And don’t forget there will be plenty of goodies to pick up along the way from the local street sellers, anything from ornamental sculptures to refreshing coconuts!
  • Service CarIf the wheels have well and truly come off your adventure then help is just a phone call away. Whether it be a medical or a mechanical matter our Service Car and Crew have the means to assist. They carry a comprehensive array of spare parts for your rickshaw and a fully qualified medical team to deal with any problems. If it is not possible to get you going at the roadside then the crew can arrange for onward transportation where a solution can be sought. The services of the support crew are an additional cost as required or for peace of mind you may choose the Deluxe package which includes their support.
  • Driving LessonsPre-Trip Training! Many of you may never have seen an auto rickshaw up close let alone attempted to drive one across India. Never fear! Our training days are designed to familiarise you with your vehicle to ensure you are equipped to tackle a driving style that is uniquely Indian! Participant safety is of paramount importance and it pays to be streetwise. Anything can and will happen. A traffic light has more use as a disco light than a means to control traffic and a rickshaw is a long way down the food chain in terms of priority when going head to head with a bus. We will also teach you basic maintenance and repairs so that by the end of the training you’ll be able to drive, navigate and fix like a local taxi driver!
  • Pimp My ShawAmazing pimping for your rickshaw ride, from giant furry rickshaw rabbits to hand painted Taj Mahals, metallic flames and custom interiors with full internal sound systems, there is no customization too big or too weird for our pimping crew. Check our Pimp My shaw website for details.
  • Survival KitNo adventurer should leave home without the essentials and we’ve got all that covered for you. As well as the obvious items like a medical kit (to fix you), and a tool kit (to fix your rickshaw) we know from experience what other simple measures can get you out of a jam. A pen and paper will get you a long way in helping communicate with the locals or asking them to draw you a map. A locally registered mobile phone and pre-paid SIM card will enable you to make phone calls without racking up international charges, and a custom ID card containing the vital information you need will serve as a back up for important information. As well as this we will provide you with road maps and a phrase book. With a bit of resourcefulness this should be everything you need to keep the wheels turning but if all else fails and you are completely stuck then the trusty Service Car will come to your rescue! For this reason we kit you out with a basic toolkit and medical supplies. It is also worth remembering that most locals can fix a broken rickshaw with nothing more than a blunt banana so you are never far away from help. The Kit contains the following: Tool Kit complete with flashlight - Essential spares - Quick First aid kit - Event roadbook.
  • Rally GearEach participant gets a commemorative rally pack which includes a customised shirt, cap and badge and on completion of the rally you will be presented with a Rickshaw Challenge medal. Here are some of the goodies you will get, depending on which package you choose. Rickshaw Challenge hand spun biodegradable Bag - Rickshaw Challenge autorickshaw driver khaki shirt - Rickshaw Challenge participant badge - Rickshaw Challenge custom lanyard with key clip - Rickshaw Challenge medal.
  • On-rickshaw WiFiWe've installed a little device, in which lies the potential for a lot of fun on the road. The little gadget allows for 4G data and unlimited free 4G voice calls via a special app. Each rickshaw will have it's own unique SSID, so you and every other team will always be connected, wherever they go - make calls, share photos, google the best dosa places in town and do so much more!
  • School VisitsWe’ve included the option of school visits for all our participants because they are truly rewarding and show first hand the positive impact we can have in helping the children of India. Not only are the children and teachers genuinely excited at the prospect of meeting people from other countries and cultures but the look on their faces when they take delivery of something seemingly simple like a new notebook is priceless. It is a truly rewarding experience for everyone concerned. We liaise with local schools on our routes and provide you with the opportunity to participate.
  • PartiesMemories are made from many things. The places you see, the things you experience, but not least, the people you meet. And what better opportunity to meet like-minded travellers than to party with your fellow participants on the rally! We get things rolling with a massive opening party for you to get to know people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. We end the rally the same way with another massive party for you to share all your experiences and where we get to hand out some prizes and rally memorabilia. At the very least you’ll end up with a whole new bunch of Facebook friends but hopefully, as we have found, you’ll end up with some genuine friends for life and some memories that will only get better with time.
  • Small GroupsOur approach is to keep the number of participants to a manageable number. This ensures that we can deliver the standard of support necessary. Even with 20 teams there is a huge logistical operation in managing all the paperwork, rickshaws and back up, not to mention the task of getting 50 or more people into accommodation for the night. Our experience shows that running groups too large for the sake of it is a false economy. It dilutes the cohesion of the group and stretches all the resource too thin. We don’t want a repeat of the team who actually set fire to their own rickshaw after it repeatedly broke down although it was one of the more memorable moments! Our approach delivers the adventure without the aggravation. Just maximum enjoyment!
  • Media CoverageThe first Rickshaw Challenge flagged off from downtown Chennai under the watchful eye of a few local news crews and intrigued residents. Since then our events have grown in stature and have been broadcast across the globe, from TV and radio, to internet and magazine articles. As the saying goes, everyone has their 15 minutes of fame and yours is guaranteed from the moment you sign up. Don’t be surprised if you get the occasional welcome party of locals as you travel along your route as the chances are they saw you on the TV the night before and want to get their photo taken with you!


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